Thursday, June 24, 2010

Freshwater Shrimps : Red Cherry Shrimps Available

Red Cherry Shrimps Available for sale @ PKR 125 Each and PKR 1200 Per Dozen. - SOLD OUT

The Red Cherry Shrimp is thought to be the hardiest among all Freshwater shrimp species and is known to breed fairly easily in well planted and maintained tanks with ample hiding spaces and no predatory fish that can turn the shrimps into cocktail ones !

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

High Nutrition Frozen Food For Discus / Cichlids

Salam Alaik ,This goes out to fellow hobbyists who love the wonderful cichlids species and the majestic discus !! well we all know how important it is for all these wonderful fish to have a balanced and nutrition loaded diet, so today we are making available this beef heart based food which is accepted all over the world by discus lovers and cichlid keepers as something that has the potential to boost growth and coloring and keep the immune system of the fish at it's best

The good thing about our frozen food against the ones that you would buy off the shelf is that this food has no preservatives and is made of bleeding fresh ingredients and contains all of the nutritional factors that the cichlids need to do well and have a strong immune system to resist diseases.I assume all discus lovers are well aware that the discus is from the cichlids family. We feed our beloved discus and cichlids this very food and their colors and growth are superb.

If your cichlids/discus have started accepting food in your tank try our food with confidence. You will see the difference in growth and color your self !!! and one thing more, you might be wondering what happens to other fish that live with the discus (cichlids don't allow other fish to dance with them !! so this possibility is only valid with discus) ? right ? don't worry we say because our white clouds, tetras have been seen taking their chances on the food left overs or the bits thrown away by the freshwater king ....Discus ... seeing is believing :).

Every food package is made to order to keep it as fresh as possible so do have a little patience once you decide to try !!! for orders Call 0300 9269559 ,0300 2955929, 0334 3779559 or email!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Moving Out to a New Place !!!!

Salam People , We are happilly annoucing that soon we will be moving to a new location on the internet with better interface better navigation and hordes of information available on point and clicks ! Our new address will be published here so hold on !!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

For Sale : Freshwater Plants

Ammania Senegalensis:
Grows fast under good conditions and high light , may turn green in low light.
Planting : Emersed , submerged
Price : Rs. 65 / Stalk

Money Wort:
Relatively slower growth rate, requires medium light. Good for mid to background planting.
Planting : Submerged
Price : Rs. 65 / Stalk

Ammania Gold:
Grows fast under good conditions and high light , may turn green in low light.
Planting : Emersed , submerged
Price : Rs. 55 / Stalk

Each stalk is 3-4 Inches in length.
Delivery charges apply for orders less than Rs. 700
Delivery only available with-in Karachi, for other cities please call for info.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Setting Up A Planted Tank

Hello Dear Readers,
We are here again after a ummm a while :). Never the less , we have been working on an unfotunate customers saltwater tank, which was caught in the midst of a parasite out break , and cleaned up almost all of the live stock leaving just a yellow watchmen goby behind as the sole survivor , which makes our belief, that this goby is a very very hardy species a bit stronger.
Anyways so there is our lesson , never ever ever compromise on water quality , water filteration and healthy live stock , which means proper nutritional value to them in every meal or else you can be the next sad aquarist with lots of dead fish and a veeraan aquarium on display, God forbid so buckle up guys and keep your fish tank chores out of the pending files. That was the bad news, the good news is we have almost completed setting up a fresh water planted tank for another of our valued client. I will be posting some pictures of it as soon as its all done.
This is a 100 gallon tank , we will be having malaysian bog root (or you maybe familiar with the word DRIFT WOOD) , neon/cardinal tetras , guppies, lots of snails for algae control and lots of plants , to give the tank a natural habitat look , keeping my fingers crossed at how it might turn out , but we are going to make sure it's BEAUTIFUL. Wait till you see the pictures guys, meanwhile Good day, good night or what ever time it is when you are reading this, just be safe and be helpful to everyone around you, theres the key to happiness.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Starting a Saltwater Fish Only Tank

Hello Dear Readers,

Today we are going to out line some guidelines of setting up a saltwater fish only tank. This type of aquarium setup consists of a fish tank, some kind of aquarium substrate suitable for saltwater fish, artificial or natural rock (live rock),filteration and lighting. We will look at each of these factors in detail now.

Well this is the first step towards a beautiful fish realm within your realm ! how big ? what shape ? glass or plastic ( accrylic) ? Dimensions ? You have to be able to answer all these questions before you order one for yourself. So look very carefully where you plan to keep this fish tank of yours, because once set it is almost a permanent place for it. Because it takes good number of hours to relocate and resetup your fish tank all over again to another location.

What will your fish tank be made of, is another questions that requires some thinking, it depends on the dimensions and shape of your tank, so say you want a 4'x4'x4 (square cube) fish tank to sit in the middle of a hall, for this tank you will require 19mm glass or its equivalent in plexi-glass ( accrylic), because if you go any lower than that thickness, you risk all your investment and the safety of those who will be around the tank as well as lives of organisms you will be keeping in that tank, because anylower than 19mm in that dimension will get extremely weak holding in the water pressure. So decide on the location of the fish tank first, then think of what shape and dimensions will best fit in that location.

An aquarium stands comes in to the view just as soon as your tank is ready, stands have to be very strong, because the body of water held in side your tank will have immense weight + substrate ( gravel or sand ) weight + decoration weight. That is the reason we insist that before you spend your hard earned money on a stand make sure it is strong and sturdy, or you will loose a lot of money for sure ! So even if you have to pay a bit higher than the shop around the corner for a trust worthy fish tank and stand, We suggest you pay it higher and pay it once, instead of paying lower and paying numerous times for repairs !

Now that you have your tank setup on a stand in your favourite location, it is time for you to get something into it, first , Substrate. Best substrate for saltwater fish only tanks is medium sized grain , which will remain coarse and stay on bottom instead of very fine grain that will make the water cloudy and clog the filters and other outlets. There are artificially made substrates of various grain sizes as well as natural substrate like sea sand, but be aware not all sea sand can be used for your beautiful fish tank, because there are numerous chemichal contaminants that are polluting our seas near the shores of karachi, so beaware and pick your sand very carefully, clean it and then put it in your fish tank. So fill your aquarium with the substrate of your choice , and we suggest you make the substrate atleast 4 inches thick, with a plenum. This will allow nurturing of an-arobic bacteria, which will directly improve your tanks water quality.

Your fish tank , stand and substrate are done, you are halfway thru already, now it is time for formulating saltwater and start some flow inside the tank, so buy a good quality aquarium salt, do not try to save money for low quality salts, they will pollute your tank with chemical contaminants that are not visible to naked eye but will degrade the water quality and you will sooner or latter realize when substrate and walls of your fish tank start to turn brown or yellow, but that will already be too late. So be careful and buy good which may require more money but less headaches, sort your priorities !

Now that you have everything ready, it is time to pour in some refined pure water into the fish tank very carefully, avoiding spills around it. Fill it up leave around 1/3 from the top. Now pour in the salt mix and stirr with your hand, a good quality saltwater mix will take around 1kg salt per 30 litres of water, so calculate and mix, also keep checking the salinity level of the tank water when salinity reaches around 1.021 - 1.030, stop adding salt your water is now almost like sea water. Next step is to plug a power head and leave it running inside the tank so that it keeps the water moving all around the tank, if you have smaller power heads you may want to buy one or two more, to avoid dead spots within the tank.

Alternatively dear reader, you can just give us a call and we will set it all up for you !

I guess this is all for today, keep the water running, I will be adding more for setting up ,i.e. filteration, filteration types, equipment and methods. Happy fish keeping doston !

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

You live in Karachi ? Want a Fish tank ?

Pretty cichlids in a fresh water fish only tank, Khalid Mehmood (Gulistan e Jauhar).

AquaPros - Karachi, Pakistan.

Just tell us where you want a beautiful piece of aquatic paradise, and consider it done !

You are here reading this, so I will assume you do live in Karachi, and you are interested in Fish keeping aka A beautiful aquarium for your drawing room or bedroom or where ever it pleases your visual senses. You are setting up your own aquarium, and like many of us who are new to this wonderful hobby of fish keeping have been boggled by numerous 'sales peoeple' at pet shops in our beloved city i.e. Karachi. You probably are not even aware of how much you have paid 'extra' for something the shop keeper managed to present as 'Market main kahein nahi milegi is qeemat par'. It is not very often that you will meet a knowledgeable pet shop person who can really guide you about caring for your newly aquired beautiful pet fish, they will usualy sell you everything that you are willing to pay for ! and that's jus the beginning of the end of your love for this lovely hobby. Why ? because sooner or later you will be pushed to believe that this hobby is not for the novice , this hobby requires too much attention too much money and too much time ,which ofcourse, no body has ! We all wish to have a fish tank for viewing pleasure not for additional headaches and worries, right ?

Well then fear not dear friend :), This is where AquaPros comes in , we are a group of experienced aquarists, and we are here to help you setup your fish tank as soon as possible and as economically as possible, and we wont leave you alone to take care of your fish tank all by yourself, we will guide you tell you the ins and outs, give you tips so you are in a better position to look after your pretty fish and keep the aquarium clean and healthy plus you will have our support anytime you want, just give us a call.

So What are you waiting for ? what is it that you want to beautify your room, your office reception, your main hall or where ever with ? A reef tank ? a fresh water planted tank ? a saltwater fish only tank ? reptile tank ? an indoor flower garden ? We will deliver your aquarium to your door step free of charge ! set it up and will only leave you satisfied that you have spent your money very wisely !

Questions ? Queries ? don't wait just give us a call or email us at , or call : 0302 2961221.

Bilal Hussein's (N.Nazimabad) reef tank, skunk cleaner shrimp, plate coral, hawaiian feather duster and live rock.

Note : Pictures used on this page are property of our respected customers and are used with permission, please do not copy or utilize publicly. Thanks :).